What is a preorder item?

Love it? Then you’ve got to have it before everyone else.
Sometimes we have items that’s on sale but isn’t available from our warehouse just yet.
But we still want to give you the option to snag it before everyone else.

Preorder your favourites pieces in your size and colour, and these pieces will be reserved for you.
Once the items come into stock, we will ship them to you immediately. The expected ship date for a preorder item will be listed when you add it to your bag, and also during checkout.

If your order contains an in stock item and a preordered item, you will have the option to ship the in stock item first at the Checkout page for $5.
Simply select the ‘I want my items faster’ option before you complete your order.

Currently Popcherry has stopped all pre-order orders but this may return in the future.

How can I tell it’s a preorder item?

All preorder items will have (Preorder) written before its name.
When adding a preorder item into your bag, the button will change from ‘Buy Now’ to ‘Preorder’.
In your Shopping Bag, preordered items will also state its preorder status and its estimated shipping date.

When will my preorder item arrive?

The expected ship date for a preordered item is listed when you checkout as well as being included in your invoice.

Can I buy an in stock and preorder item in the same order?

Yes! You can also ship them separately too.
On the Checkout page, make sure to select the ‘I want my items faster’ option for $5 to ensure that you get your in stock item(s) first.